Autumn Down

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."-Rumi


Nevaeh Wright is a 20-year old undergraduate student at Mount Mary University in Wisconsin, studying Sociology and English with an emphasis on new media. She is an advocate for learning, empowerment, and equality in the world just as much as she is for the arts. She spends much of her time enjoying such arts as music. She embraces and appreciates the diversity of life, religion, culture, and  growth at ANY STAGE IN LIFE.

This blog is a platform for discussing the literature, fashion, nature and art in the world that brings meaning/beauty to life. There are also hints of personal life learning, popular topics in society, and random gifs.

(Hidden blog title meaning: Autumn Down sounds like “Aleumdaun” (아름다운) which in Korean means BEAUTIFUL but also stems from her favorite season which is considered calm yet colorful like herself.)

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