Freewrite: Staying Positive

As a part of a new series of posts about music, I will be sharing my thoughts on new songs through free. The goal is to write without pause up until the very end of the song. Not only is this a way to get out initial thoughts, allowing the mind to flow freely and be taken over by the music, but it can be used as a cool writing exercise as well (so try along if you want in the comment section).

The song for today is one that I found randomly while browsing Youtube last week, so without further ado, Jon Bellion’s Guillotine.

At a time that I’m really stressed, this song really feels calming…I love the guitar and the harmonies that sneak in. As a symphony comes in there’s this bouncy beat that surfaces. “Even when I lose my head–Guillotine” I see what he did there. “Feel the rhythm of my heart and hips. Music of any kind finds a way to move me, bring about emotion. “and if you have nightmares, we’ll dance on the bed.” Doesn’t everyone want someone like that in their lives? Someone who will be there for them to liven them up when they feel frightened, when they feel down and out.  It reminds me of another song by Kendrick Lamar where he asks, “when shit hit the fan is you still a fan?” and makes you question how positive you are when life gets bad, when your friends don’t do things you agree with or necessarily enjoy”—end song.


If you got a few seconds and wanna give this post a like or comment, I’ll know if I should keep doing these (because it’s kind of fun actually)


See you in the comments,



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