What A Year Without Meat Was Like

As I approach the one-year anniversary of when I officially went vegan I figured a post about my journey would be appropriate:

I went vegan for about 20 full days before I passed by a gelato store, looked at everyone enjoying and thought “Why do I have to give up a life of dairy for these animals when no one else seems to care?” With the struggles I’d had having little knowledge and creativity for veganism, I quit.

During my transition to a life of vegetarianism I got more questions about why I made the change than when I was vegan. With each day I became more and more frustrated at the fact that I couldn’t convey my reasoning properly and/or in enough time before people lost interest. My mom used to say, “If you can’t stay to hear the full response don’t ask the question!” I  got so fed up to the point that I just said I was trying to eat healthier, explore my veggie options more. The real reason being that I’d gotten to a point in my life that I realized it wasn’t fair for me to be against animal and human abuse but okay with mystery meat in my tacos (say it developed during college after learning about social justice and injustice, exploration of morality, FDA standards and corruption, America’s health disparities…the list goes on).

Come 10-11 months into being vegetarian, making amazing meals and trying new foods and BAM! I’m low on funds for school. I can barely get groceries for myself (nothing new for #brokecollegestudent) and I start realizing that I can’t survive off water, veggie chips, and candy bars. My health is not at it’s best. Since having enough time or money to invest in more foods rich in the nutrients I needed, I decided that I’d “add fish to the menu—get some omega 3s”. At least just for a little while.

It wasn’t till I recently watched a video on Youtube about this big, tough looking guy who’d gone vegan, tell his story that it re-fueled my decision for not eating animals in the first place. I’ll link the video here, but in the first 10 minutes of watching alone he said one of the realest and simplest yet revolutionary things about why many of us still eat and wear animals: “taste, habit, tradition, and convenience.”


That’s it.


He went on to note how these things alone weren’t enough to justify killing animals. I saw how I’d eaten animals out of convenience—not having enough energy or money management skills to fill my body with the right foods to give what I needed. There are others, who go out and talk about how they just can’t live without bacon. I don’t knock em, I will NEVER judge or tell somewhat what they HAVE to do. I do know that it isn’t a necessity. It isn’t a requirement that we, in a developing world, need to kill animals to survive.

So what’s helped me as I transition back to veganism as I once did before?

-Remembering that killing and eating of my brother’s pet goldfish is the equivalent to the eating and killing of a cow (regardless of size or intelligence or capability)

-Remembering that there are others out there who struggle and that it’s okay to struggle (many have eaten this way for years, and changes like these are hard-as-hell!)

-Remembering that I’m also helping my body (Not by eating potato chips as dinner but by exploring and incorporating all of Earth’s goods from out the ground)

…and remembering that everything that I experience, I help the next person wanting to learn, wanting to explore options or wanting to transition.


See you in the comments,





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