Freewrite: The “Simple” Way to Win

For this exercise, I’m gonna be using a fairly old song (and when I mean old I mean old TO ME like 1992…4 years before I was born). It’s called Optimistic by Sounds of Blackness, which anybody who watched that video w/ this group of guys dancing in the street that went viral, should know about if they weren’t already around when this was released. Here we go…


When in the midst of sorrow, you can see…huh? Oh well, I feel myself swayin already. I love this rhythm. “Just hold on to your dreams” Ain’t that right!? “As long as you keep your head to the sky, you can WIN”! I believe it….I feel like I’m in a black church hearing the choir. They’ve got some amazing voices, truly. Sometimes I wish I’d have the time and courage and strength to advance musically..I mean I can hold a note. Maybe I might try a few karaoke nights alone or mic-nights to help me reach the level that I can with singing. “As long as I keep my head up” right? I can win. It’s finals week for me and right now I don;t feel like I’m winning with the grades I have, but maybe if I”m able to follow these simple rules I can do it. They must have some importance if they’ve made a way to be the primary lyrics of this song—

end song.


Give the song a listen, it’s seriously inspiring…


See you in the comments,





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