To my subscribers…

I wanna say



For not unsubscribing even though I haven’t uploaded in what…a week? Seriously, I don’t even have the luxury as a beginner blogger. This is the moment that I should’ve been showing my true self, uploading every chance I can, being eager to share with the world what I experience, yet I haven’t.

Like this lil pig here #fail #failure #thisisme Source:

You ever have plans and they just don’t work out? Like, you were so motivated, had lists and contact info and the materials, but for some reason (maybe your own laziness) you didn’t get it accomplished how or when you wanted to?



Here were my early plans for this blog:

  • Post at least 3 times a week (25 posts by May 10th)
  • Work on my photography skills for even better images in posts
  • Find a million more amazing bloggers and follow them, get to know them and learn from their success on their blogs
  • Continue to look for topics that are not only interesting but related to my blog’s niche (being that life is beautiful and the people/things in it make living worthwhile)
  • Get to know my subscribers more (on their media outlets, profiles, etc.)
  • Make my blog design even more simple yet approachable(?)
  • Enjoy blogging

I haven’t done any of these…


So, to my 5 subscribers who’ve stuck by me since March (and my future subscribers), I want you to be my witnesses of my CHANGE. By May 10th I promise that I will accomplish every one of these things, the way I intended. What comes first will be a thorough post about who I am, not about my blog, but about me personally: Why I believe in what I believe, why I chose the major I have, why I love music so much, my current struggles as a vegetarian…everything you guys might wanna know I guess. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

And for you who may have lists/plans/dreams/goals you didn’t get to accomplish early on, list em down below. Let’s work them out and set some dates and help each other accomplish them!


See you in the comments,



2 thoughts on “To my subscribers…

  1. I didn’t read all of Marys story, but I read some and it seemed to be going in a good direction. I wish I had blogger skills👍👍👍 I also read some of the advice given to make up your dorm and looked at your pictures. I wish I could have my own dorm and make it look as cozy as yours.

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  2. Thanks Tiffany for the feedback, it’s real cool to see that people actually check out my blog! It can be harder than it seems and I’m actually taking a college course on blogging rn. And hey, even if you don’t have a dorm, any room can look cozy! If you try it in your current room, I’d love to see pics! 😊


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