5 Ways To Make An Old Space New Again

A bit of backstory here,

In case you didn’t know, I’m an everyday-struggling student at Mount Mary University in Wisconsin. With only 4-5 buildings and over 80 acres of giant evergreen, fountains and historic architecture, the entire campus seems to stretch out towards a land beyond our own. Having been built around 1913 it’s evident the stories told throughout hazy hallways. The campus has done pretty well at infusing the worlds of old and new, with some renovations seen throughout, however, my dorm room is not one of those.

For nearly 3 lanky, enduring years I’ve made my 1910s edition 1-room condo my home. Here are 5 ways that I swear-on-my-life, lifted my room look from the depths of misery to a cool, artsy, comfy space.

  1. Shove Anything with Color Into Your Room
    • In your best “Huntey” voice I need you to yell “AESTHETICSSS!!” That’s basically it. (struts out the door, Gucci bag in hand!)

      Source: fox.com/pitch
    • But wait!…you need to know what colors you’d like to choose and what for. Ask yourself questions like: “How do I want the mood to be the moment I open my crust-filled eyes in the morning”? “What feel do I want my guests to have when they run through my place looking for the bag of Cheetos hiding behind my pillow”? “Do I want my room to look like the insides of my dark soul or the Laffy Taffy, stringy, fuchsias and blues, weed-infused self that reveals itself in my Twitter rants”?

      Source: yultron.com
    • Once it’s been decided, think of the colors that came to mind…those that stuck are the ones you should focus on (but be sure that they mesh well together visually)
  2. Working with what’s Given
    • If your run-down, wormhole has some ancient children’s writing along the walls that never came off? Incorporate those Crayola scribbles into your wall-décor. Got a bumpy, K.O’d paint job on the walls? Make it look like it was intentional and go for a really messy, Jackson Pollock random-like piece on the walls.

      Source: Flickr-Alina Mayer
  3. Grab Stuff to Keep Yo Business Organized
    • That should be self-explanatory. Organization helps your space look like ya tried even if you spent 10 minutes at Target and spent the rest of the day playing Overwatch. It can also become a piece to showcase your self-worthy collection of empty beer bottles or some fancy artwork.
  4. Rugs!
    1. If your floors look anything similar to mine (glossy finish, chipping off so well you can almost see your reflection in the pile brushed over in the corner) I’d say rugs are the best option you’ve got to hide your shame.
    2. Again, sticking with hues that work with the vibe you’re setting, grab a few low cost rugs. Don’t tremble at the thought of using textures either, they’re your only real friends. Go with a canola-based buttery white sheep fur rug or live a little and purchase that Captain America: Civil War tapestry like rug you found hand-made on somebody’s Amazon account.
  5. Add A Slice of You
    1. Whether it’s your antique China hand-designed to resemble a proud Peacock or your first Gameboy received the 1st peppermint filled Christmas with your parents who love each other but always end up yelling and making the dinner table scene awkward, it’s YOU. Use it as an accessory, urging all who sees it to come over and inquire.


And there you have it. Just for the fun of it, I’ll show my very own before and after dorm room using these tips. Enjoy 😉


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