Learn From My Mistakes: Visiting A Greenhouse Conservatory

I’m invited to tag along with a friend to Chicago. A weekend trip in Summer to Chicago didn’t sound bad at all. Trying to occupy our time wisely, we planned to visit some free or inexpensive attractions. Next on our list was the Chicago’s park conservatory. It wasn’t until I nearly lost consciousness in the conservatory that I should have been way more prepared for this experience.

We entered the first set of doors into the lobby and I feel at peace, welcomed by a fresh breeze and a bit of shade from the scorching sun. I’m thankful. We set foot inside the conservatory’s doors and sweating begins. It feels like it’s 100 degrees now but I’m oblivious to it once I see the statue declaring it’s beauty in the center of a lily pond.


I wake from my intense gaze with the help of Koi fish swimming under the Lilly pads. In the hour or so that me and my friend spent slowly walking through the conservatory we developed this system/pattern: We walk into a room, I stop and take pics, stare and deeply experience the beautiful plants that surround me, take more pics, delete some pics, wipe sweat, and walk another 2 feet. I have roughly 50 images of this quaint conservatory to capture every plant I saw. Here are some.


I like to boast when I say I took these breathtaking photos on my Samsung S6 (an Android #androidusers #booiphones #thatqualitythough

This is what happens when you’re a lover of anything beautiful and a believer in animism. For those who don’t know, animism is the belief in power and breathe in plants, inanimate objects and natural phenomena. It’s one of the reasons I went to the conservatory in the first place.  Being surrounded by those releasing pure oxygen, giving off energy and green bliss made me forget about my own self as I admired them. However, I started feeling dizzy within moments of entering the next room.The risk of heat stroke ended in our trip coming to an end early.

I still truly appreciated the experience and went back home with enough photos to forever recall the moments I spent with the lively green beings.

Just a little note though, never visit a conservatory in the middle of summer, at least without a bottle of water on you.


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